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Melbourne Institute Monthly
Inflation Gauge Media Release february 2017 pdf

*Please note: the Report has been re-named to Melbourne Institute Monthly Inflation Gauge. This change is effective from the March issue 2016. There is no change in the content of this report and data.

Report Description

TDscoverThe monthly inflation indicator is designed to give markets and policy makers a monthly update on inflation trends. Based on the ABS methodology for calculating the quarterly consumer price index, the Melbourne Institute Monthly Inflation Gauge estimates month-to-month price movements for a wide-ranging basket of goods and services across the main capital cities of Australia. This report is produced monthly and is released with a lag of one month.

ISSN: 2206-2017 (Online)

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  • Time series data for this report is available at an additional cost. Data can be accessed monthly in 2017 via a subscription for AU$1584 or via Single Issue Data purchase. More details can be found on the Information and Order Forms page.

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