Melbourne Institute Policy Briefs Series

The Melbourne Institute Policy Briefs Series presents a discussion of current research undertaken by staff of the Melbourne Institute. These briefs cover topics related to current policy issues.

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For any enquiries regarding the policy briefs, please contact the Melbourne Institute.

4/16 Jeff Borland, Mark Considine, Guyonne Kalb and David Ribar What Are Best-Practice Programs for Jobseekers Facing High Barriers to Employment? June 2016
3/16 Guay Lim, Tim Robinson and Viet Nguyen Budget Deficits and the Dual Roles of Fiscal Policy May 2016
2/16 Miles Tidmarsh and Paul H. Jensen Nudges in Education: What Works? March 2016
1/16 Guay Lim and Sarantis Tsiaplias Housing Affordability: How Important Is the Lending Rate? January 2016
4/15 Reuben Finighan Beyond Nudge: The Potential of Behavioural Policy July 2015
3/15 Efrem Castelnuovo Fiscal Debt Sustainability in Australia: Is It Feasible? May 2015
2/15 G. C. Lim, Viet Hoang Nguyen and Sarantis Tsiaplias Budget Deficits and Fiscal Policies April 2015
1/15 Anthony Scott The GP Co-payment: A Short Postmortem and a New Research Agenda on Medicare March 2015
2/14 Chris Ryan

Impact of the Australian Higher Education Funding Reforms

August 2014
1/14 Elizabeth Webster

A Proposal for Industry-Led Innovation Consortia

January 2014
6/13 Christine Greenhalgh and Elizabeth Webster

Have Trademarks Become Deceptive?

August 2013
5/13 G.C. Lim, E. CLaus, V. Nguyen and M. Chua

Budget Deficits, Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Policies

August 2013
4/13 Paul H. Jensen

What Is Evidence-Based Policy?

August 2013
3/13 Terence C. Cheng

Does Reducing Rebates for Private Health Insurance Generate Cost Savings?

July 2013
2/13 Moshe Justman and Chris Ryan

What's Wrong with the Gonski Report: Funding Reform and Student Achievement?

April 2013
1/13 Deborah Cobb-Clark

The Case for Making Public Policy Evaluations Public

January 2013