Mr Brendan Houng

Senior Research Support Officer

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
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Contact details:

Phone: +61 3 8344 2086
Fax: +61 3 8344 2111

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Level 5, Faculty of Business and Economics Building, 111 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne


Brendan Houng is a PhD candidate and Research Officer at the Melbourne Institute for the Economics of Education and Child Development program. He joined the Melbourne Institute in 2009 after two years at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, where he primarily investigated merger acquisitions.

His research focuses on the determinants of educational outcomes from both individual background and influences from the education system. In recent research he assessed the impact of attending selective high schools on university entrance outcomes, and is now investigating the effect of economies of school size in rural areas on early high school leaving using Tasmania’s senior secondary colleges as a case study.

Selected Publications / Papers

Brendan Houng and Moshe Justman (2014)
NAPLAN Scores as Predictors of Access to Higher Education in Victoria, Melbourne Institute Working Paper 22/14.

Brendan Houng and Moshe Justman (2013)
Comparing Least-Squares Value-Added Analysis and Student Percentile Analysis for Evaluating Student Progress and Estimating School Effects, Melbourne Institute Working Paper 07/13.

Andre Renzaho, Mark Wooden, and Brendan Houng (2010). Associations between body mass index and health related quality of life among Australian adults. Quality of Life Research 19(4):515-520.