Poverty Lines: Australia

Published by Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, The University of Melbourne
Online ISSN: 1448-0530
Frequency: Quarterly
Current Issue: June 2016

Poverty Lines: Australia is a quarterly newsletter that updates the Henderson Poverty Line as defined in the 1973 Commonwealth Commission of Inquiry into Poverty. It is standard reference material for those concerned with social welfare policy in Australia. Minimum income levels required to avoid a situation of poverty are presented for a range of family sizes and circumstances.

The updated poverty lines take into account changes in the average income level of all Australians, reflecting the idea that poverty is relative. Each issue includes a table indicating changes in the purchasing power of the poverty lines and a table comparing welfare payment levels with poverty lines for various family types.

Time of Release

Quarter to which poverty line refers Approximate time of release
March quarter July of the same year
June quarter October of the same year
September quarter February of the following year
December quarter April of the following year


Francisco Azpitarte Raposeiras
Phone: (03) 9035 3414
Email: fraz@unimelb.edu.au

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