Melbourne Institute Events

The Melbourne Institute hosts a number of events throughout the year which offer
an opportunity for those in business, government, academia and community groups
to attend various workshops, seminars, forums and conferences to gain access to
independent and authoritative economicand analysis of contemporary policy issues
facing Australia.


Melbourne Institute Economics Forums in Canberra

The Melbourne Institute Forums attract a wide range of respected speakers who are
leading authorities in their areas of expertise and held four times a year in Canberra.

China Update Luncheons and Events
The Melbourne Institute hosts the China Update each year. This luncheon event features leading academics, policy makers and government representatives discussing the latest research on the Chinese economy. The China Update in Melbourne usually follows the China Update held at the Australian National University by the Crawford School of Public Policy.

Melbourne Institute Brown Bags

The Melbourne Institute Brown Bag Series provides an opportunity for staff members
to present early versions of their research papers for comment.

Melbourne Institute Seminar Series

University of Melbourne and visiting scholars present seminars at the Melbourne Institute.

Melbourne Institute Conferences and Events

The Melbourne Institute hosts many conferences, including the Economic and Social Outlook
and the HILDA Survey Research Conference, as well as other events including the China Updates and Breakfast with Business and Economics at Melbourne

Melbourne Institute Special Events

The Melbourne Institute also hosts special events such as workshops, training,
lectures and roundtables throughout the year.

For information about Melbourne Institute events, please contact Penny Hope,